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Zion Canyoneering, October 8-13, 2006

Das Boot




Red Cave


Das Boot Keyhole Mystery Imlay Red Cave Sunset

Zion is a magical place.  Towering walls, beautifully colored rock,  and an abundance of water for the middle of the desert.  Most visitors

only see the Main Zion Canyon, carved out by the North Fork of the Virgin River.  But the real magic of Zion is in the many narrow slot

canyons cut into the walls.  A few are relatively easy and can be negotiated by hikers willing to do some scrambling and/or wading.

However, there are many others that require technical skill and gear, including ropes, harnesses, and wet suits or dry suits.  This was my

second Canyoneering trip to Zion, and Dan Weld and I had an ambitious list of technically difficult and wet canyons that we wanted to do,

including Das Boot, Imlay, and Kolob Creek.  Alas, the weather didn't cooperate fully, and Kolob Creek turned out to be logistically difficult,

so we only got to do the first two of these three.  However, we did manage to get in three other beautiful and enjoyable canyons: Keyhole,

Mystery, and Lower Red Cave.  I'd rate it as an outstanding trip.

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