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Zion Canyoneering, October 8-13, 2006

Mystery map

Lower Echo Canyon

Lower Echo Canyon

Narrow slit to my right

is Middle Echo

Looking back towards

the main Zion Canyon

Interesting rock fin

Views of the main

Zion Canyon

The dark slit of Echo

Canyon down below

Flowers and brush in

a recent burn area

The drop in point for


Fall foliage in the

upper canyon

The canyon is starting

to slot up

Dan comes down the

fluted rappel

A nice narrows


This one has pools at

the bottom

Moss on the slickrock

Devils Hole

Dan gets wet

Now it's my turn 

Looking back from the

top of the rockslide

Layers in the Navajo


The lower part of


Moss on the rock

Dan descends into a


Descending down a


Another short slot


Rigging a long rappel

down into a pool

Here goes!

Rigging the final


Not a single tourist

down there

Go for it, Dan!

Das Boot Keyhole Mystery Imlay Red Cave Sunset

Tuesday morning 10/10:  still overcast with the threat of showers, but conditions are supposed to improve as the day goes on.  Only

moderate flash flood danger.  With this in mind, we secured a permit for Mystery, which has a fairly long approach, but only short narrows

sections, which means less flash flood danger. Both Tom's and Shane's websites give this canyon rave reviews, and it is apparently very

popular.  We had it all to ourselves on this particular day.  The approach hike from Weeping Rock requires 2500 ft  of climbing, but the

views are nice. Dropping into the canyon (the "death gully") was especially nasty because of all the steep slippery mud from the previous

day's rain.  However, once we got down into the bottom of the drainage the fall folliage was beautiful, and the canyon itself was pleasant

enough, although it was less technical and there was less water than we would have expected from the descriptions.  A bit of a letdown

after Das Boot and Keyhole.  Can't say this is one of my favorites.

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