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Zion Canyoneering, October 8-13, 2006

Keyhole map

The approach up

the slickrock

Hoodoo at the top of

the pass

Here we go!  Dry suits


Tight little sucker. 


An awkward entry.

Dan shows off his

chimneying technique

Another fun swim

Dan sets up a rappel

A dark cavern

The final swim

A tunnel under the

road to let the stream


Reflections in the


Visitors to the


Clearly not too afraid

Sunset on the cliffs

behind our campsite

Das Boot Keyhole Mystery Imlay Red Cave Sunset

Monday morning 10/9:  We woke up to rain, and the weather report indicated high flash flood danger.  So much for canyoneering.  We ate

a leisurely breakfast in town, poked around in the shops for a while, and watched Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure at the theater.  When

we came out around 1:30 PM, the sun was out and it was starting to clear up.  Hmmm.  What shall we do?  We quickly snagged a permit

for Keyhole Canyon and drove up through the tunnel to the trailhead.  It's a short sweet little canyon, but lots of fun. Still, we had to rush a

bit, since they were doing construction on the tunnel and would close for the night at 6:00 PM.  We quickly threw our gear into the packs,

left the car around 3:00 PM, and motored over the slickrock pass to the start of the slot.  We got back to the car at 5:30, threw all the wet

gear back in the car and zoomed back down the road and through the tunnel.  Whew!

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