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Zion Canyoneering, October 8-13, 2006

Red Cave Map

Junked car next to the


The entrance to

Lower Red Cave

The first chamber

Looking up at a slit of


Serpentine narrows

Dried mud curls

More mud curls on

the floor

Scrambling through a

narrow section

Opens up periodically


but more narrows


Jammed log


Das Boot Keyhole Mystery Imlay Red Cave Sunset

Friday 10/13:  Last day, but we're feeling like something dryer and easier.  We have a leisurely breakfast in town, and head east of the

park to Upper and Lower Red Cave.  Shane's website suggests doing it as a loop by  going up Lower Red Cave (dry) and then coming

down Upper Red Cave (wet).  We leave the car about noon and figure it'll take us 4-5 hours to do the loop.  We hike up the dry wash,

passing rusted out old cars, take the right fork and arrive at the entrance to Lower Red Cave after 45 minutes of hiking.  Wow! what a

place incredible colors, beautiful lighting, sinewy narrows.  It was so beautiful and photogenic that we spent the entire time in Lower Red

Cave and didn't even get a chance to visit Upper Red Cave.  Next trip!

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