Day 21 Monday 8/28 Woods Creek Crossing to Rae Lakes 6.1 mi 185.3 total

Snag below 
Arrowhead Lake
Dragon Pk, Mt Gould, Mt Rixford, and Fin Dome, from meadow below Arrowhead Lake
Mts Cotter and Clarence King, from Arrowhead Lake
Looking north from Arrowhead Lake, Rae Lakes Basin
Fin Dome, Rae Lakes
Middle Rae Lake, 
with Mt. Gould, Painted Lady, 
and Mt. Rixford behind
Upper Rae Lake, with Dragon Peak, Mt Gould and Painted Lady behind, from the trail into Sixty Lake Basin
The jumbled Sixty Lakes Basin
Mt Gould and Painted Lady, Middle Rae Lake
Stormy sunset on Dragon Peak, from campsite at Middle Rae Lake
Sunset on Fin Dome, from campsite at Middle Rae Lake

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