Day 3 Thursday 8/10 Merced Lake to Vogelsang via Vogelsang Pass 9.9 mi 23 total

Merced Lake, Little Yosemite Valley, and Half Dome, from Lewis Creek Trail to 
Vogelsang Pass 
Fletcher Creek (easier route to Vogelsang) from Lewis Creek Trail to Vogelsang Pass
Crags below Mt. Clark, from Lewis Creek Trail,
above Merced Lake
Meadow before Vogelsang Pass
Gallison Lake, and (L to R) Parsons Peak, Simmons Peak,  Mt. Maclure, and Mt. Florence, from just below Vogelsang Pass
Bernice Lake, 
from Vogelsang Pass
Flowers and tarn at the top of Vogelsang Pass 
Vogelsang Lake, from Vogelsang Pass
East ridge of Vogelsang Peak, from Vogelsang Lake
Vogelsang Lake and Pass

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